Arne Lietz, MEP – English Pages

Development Committee

The European Union is the largest donor in the field of development policy worldwide. The promotion, implementation and monitoring of European Union policies in the fields of development and cooperation is one of the main tasks of the Committee on Development, in which I am a member. In particular, the Development Committee is responsible for political dialogue with developing countries as well as for the implementation, monitoring and promoting the impact and coherence of development policies. Furthermore, the Committee all under the instrument for development cooperation ( DCI ) and the European Development Fund ( EDF ) coordinated in close cooperation with national parliaments.

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New Focus

Specifically, I am concerned with the role of the private sector in relation to the working conditions and supply chains in developing countries and the possible impact of TTIP on developing countries. An important focus of my work is the financing of development cooperation.

Furthermore, I am a member of the coordinating committee for the 2015 year of development. Together with my colleagues in the Development Committee, I coordinate the activities of the European Union on the development policy year in Brussels but also in Germany and particularly in Saxony-Anhalt.

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