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EP-Report on EU-Climate Diplomacy

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Download the draft report on climate diplomacy (2017/2272(INI)) as .pdf-file

Download outline of the Report by the EP on EU Climate Diplomacy as .pdf-file

26.02.18 – Press release EU’s Foreign Ministers’ decision on climate diplomacy

I have been working on the issue of climate diplomacy since the beginning of this term. Over the past months, I have held consultations with different stakeholders in Washington, Paris, Berlin and during the Munich Security Conference. The parliamentary work on the European Parliament Own Initiative Report on Climate Diplomacy was kicked off on 20 February 2018 in the European Parliament with a workshop moderated by me and my colleague Jo Leinen, MEP, in the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

Kick off workshop in the European Parliament on the issue of climate diplomacy (20th of February 18)

20.02.18 – Download workshop agenda as .pdf-file

20.02.18 – Stream the recording of the workshop online

20.02.18 – Download the presentation of Alexander Carius (adelphi) as .pdf-file

20.02.18 – Download the presentation of Nick Mabey (E3G) as .pdf-file

26.03.18 – Download workshop proceedings as .pdf-file


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