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Article from Debating Europe (23rd of April 18): “Is fear of refugees stronger in small towns than in big cities?

Next, we put the same question to Arne Lietz, a German social democratic Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Saxony-Anhalt, who lives very close to the town of Bitterfeld-Wolfen. How would he respond?

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Interview with EURACTIV (06th of march 2018)

Press review fact-finding mission Bangladesh (25th – 30th of march 2017)

Interview with Share Radio UK – 17th of March 2017: „Merkel meets Trump“

Article from EUREPORTER 6th of January 2017: “Israeli settlements in Palestine jeopardize possibility of two-state solution and peace-building process”

S&D MEP Arne Lietz described their findings: “Israeli settlements in Palestine jeopardise the possibility of a two-state solution and peace-building process. During the visit, the UN Security Council vote last December on the illegal Israeli settlements was discussed numerous times. We welcome the result of the vote and invite Israel to follow up on the resolution. The European Parliament should also adopt a resolution on this matter soon.

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Podcast with Cologne Institut for Economic Research: “entrepreneurial responsibility” (16th of November 2016)

Interview Deutsche Welle TV: Situation in Turkey (31th of October 2016)

Article on 28th of October 2016: “Parliament votes to boost EU spending on development”

The risk of development money being diverted to help mitigate the migration crisis has been flagged by both NGO and MEPs. “I can only warn the EU’s foreign and development politicians not to consider themselves coherent policy spheres. We in the SPD are against the principle of conditionality. That means that we are against a country being given more money just because it stops its would-be refugees from leaving,” German Social-Democrat MEP Arne Lietz (SPD) told EurActiv.

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Article on 31th of August 2016: “EU lawmakers call for Turkey to stop aggression against Syrian Kurdish forces”

“The fighting between the Kurdish and Turkish groups in Syria should not continue. And as we understood Turkey’s intention was to fight ISIS not others, we need to stick to that point – fighting should be only against ISIS not between each other,” Arne Lietz, MEP, told Rudaw. “The civil war in the southeast of Turkey should not expand to Syrian territory”, he added.

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Article on 7th of June 2016: „EU to replicate Turkey-type deals on migrants“

Arne Lietz (…) told this website that EU must ensure its money is not just used for security and border protection. “We should really give the money to tackle the root causes of migration: education, anti-corruption and good governance programs”, he said.

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Article on (20th of May 2016) : „Syrian refugees should not be used as bribe for visa-free travel, says EP“

Lietz said his observations regarding the issue were that Turkey would not make any amendments to the anti-terror law.

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Article on The Parliament Magazine (18th of May 2016): „Turkey: No visa liberalisation debate until human rights concerns addressed, warn MEPs“

The delegation was led by Dutch ALDE member Marietje Schaake, accompanied by German Socialist MEP Arne Lietz and his Portuguese colleague Liliana Rodrigues.

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Article on Hurriyet Daily News (16th of May 2016): „European Parliament MPs visiting Turkey on human rights“

Marietje Schaake, from the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe-ALDE, will head the group visiting Ankara and Istanbul, accompanied by fellow MEPs Arne Lietz and Liliana Rodrigues, both from the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.

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Article on Vatican Radio (24th of October 2015): Plan for private boat to rescue migrants at sea

“I see this as a great opportunity for civil society in the future on the Mediterranean amongst countries which are in crisis against each other or are fighting against each other,” says German socialist MEP Arne Lietz

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Article on (21st of October 2015): Ship captain to launch migrant sea rescue mission

„I grew up behind the [iron] curtain so I know what it means when people flee. My father was a leader in the opposition against the government“, said Lietz.

Article on Deutsche Welle (Englisch) (29th of April 2016): „EU Parliament and refugees: put away the violins“

Social Democrats, like Arne Lietz from the German state of Saxony-Anhalt, welcome the new fellowship. „With this cross-party agreement on a quota system, parliament is taking a step in a new direction,“ he said. The German parliamentarian is trying to make his constituency aware of the refugees‘ plight and to improve the „culture of welcoming.“

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Article on (31th of March 2016): „EU aims for global standards against slave labour and exploitation“

MEP Arne Lietz (SPD), indicated that a Europe-wide design for laws and standards is unavoidable. The planned free trade agreements serve as a significant opportunity to push toward this goal in an exemplary manner, he said. „Several MEPs are already working on including uniform labour standards in TTIP“, Lietz commented.

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Artikel auf vom 28.02.2015: „Anti-Muslim Group Pegida Massively Outnumbered By Opponents At First UK Rally“

Arne Lietz, a German MEP, flew over to Newcastle to oppose Pegida. He told BuzzFeed News that “singling out hate speech against a group is not acceptable. We have to stand together.”

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Artikel auf vom 28.02.2015: „Newcastle Unites: Thousands turn out as counter-march outnumbers Pegida protest five to one“

“For me it was very important to show solidarity and that we are together as Europeans against hate,” said Arne.

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Artikel von Deutsche Welle UK vom 28.02.2015: „UK PEGIDA stages rally in Newcastle“

Among those taking part in the counter-protest was German Social Semocrat MEP Arne Lietz, who was pictured (left) with British opposition Labour Party member of parliament Chi Onwurah.

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