Article in IPS-Journal – December 2019: “The scramble for the Arctic”

With climate change, geopolitical interests now compete in the Arctic for raw materials, trade routes and military bases.

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Article in IPS-Journal – July 2017: “Let’s not lose our thread”

Unfortunately, most European clothing manufacturers shirk their responsibility for protecting human rights and working conditions in textile-producing countries. The firms claim they are unable to ensure environmental and labour standards are upheld throughout their supply chains. But is that true?

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Article in Palestine-Israel Journal – May 2017: “Toward a Progressive EU Agenda for a Two-State Solution”

Given that the U.S. government is not prepared to advance peace in the Middle East, it is crucial that the EU step into a leadershiprole in the effort.

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Article in The European – Security and Defence Union – Nov. 16: “Opportunities for reforming the Common Security and Defence Policy”

Notwithstanding foreseeable challenges in many areas of EU-UK relations, for the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) Brexit provides a welcome opportunity for long-overdue progress and reform. European decision-makers should finally act upon the fact that Europe’s citizens are largely in favour of a truly European foreign, security and defence policy. Accord- ing to a Eurobarometer poll in June 2016, half of them would like the EU to intervene more than it currently does. 66% are in favour of a bigger role for the EU in the field of security and defence. We should therefore use Great Britain’s foreseeable exit from the EU to reform and strengthen the Union’s capabili- ties in this field.

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Article – 13th of July 2016: “Brexit – Opportunities for reforming the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP)”

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Article in A Policy on Culture in Europe – Beyond Visions 04/2016: “Martin Luther and the Reformation”

Member of the German SPD, Arne Lietz, writes in the English language publication, “Beyond Visions,” on Martin Luther and the Reformation.

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